Travis Hagey

I’m interested in why animals are shaped the way they’re shaped, combining engineering and evolution to understand how animals are adapted to their environments.

Mississippi University for Women
Parkinson Hall 126A
1100 College St. MUW-100
Columbus, MS 39701 USA

Undergraduate researchers


Bailey Howell. Mississippi University for Women Space Grant awardee. Urban Adaptation in Puerto Rican Anoles
Arpana Upadhyay. Mississippi University for Women. Origin of Toe Pads in Hemidactylus
Elizabeth Fain. Mississippi University for Women. Diversity in Toe Pads Across Padded Lizards


Jordan Garcia. Michigan State Student Research Opportunity Program. Quantifying Adhesive Toe Pad Morphology in Hemidactylus Geckos
Oacia Fair. Michigan State Student Research Opportunity Program. Morphological Similarities of Gecko and Anole Toe Pads


Meghan Wagner. University of Idaho. Investigating gecko adhesion performance
Andy Gygli. University of Idaho. Imaging gecko morphology
Katie Pond. University of Idaho. Live animal care