Public engagement

While working with the public, my goal is to help shape the next generation of researchers and scientifically literate public, educating visitors about the natural world, the scientific process, professional scientific research, and getting people of all backgrounds excited about science. I try to help the public and students gain a better understanding of biological diversity and the evolutionary process and emphasize the importance of thinking critically regarding important topics such as evolution, climate change, and conservation so that everyone can become well-informed citizens. Encouraging diversity and inclusion have been consistent efforts throughout my career. By fostering inclusion, we can assure everyone has the opportunity to see people they can identify with in professional scientific careers.

Recent public engagement activities

  • Organize and participate in “meet a scientist” events for K-12 students and the public
  • Facilitate training programs for scientists to engage students and the public
  • Build materials and training opportunities for K-12 teachers to incorporate scientific methods and evolution into their classrooms


Engagement activities

Vertebrate Tree of Life Activity

Kids or students can explore the tree of vertebrate evolution by finding where toy animals go on a large printed image of the family tree of vertebrates. If you’re interested in getting a mat printed for yourself, email me and I can provide an editable, high-resolution version of the tree.

Working with our university photographer, I recorded a TikTok video! The Geico gecko, which is based on a real life species, the Madagascar giant day gecko (Phelsuma grandis) has three inaccuracies. Can you guess what they are?