I’m very excited to share a publication that recently came out! It was a project by Joel Slade and Danielle Whittaker┬áthat I was invited to help with at Mountain Lake Biological Station back in 2018. We were looking at how migratory and resident Junco birds may or may not swap microbiomes. Check out the paper here:

Whittaker, D.J., Atyam, A.*, Burroughs, N.A., Greenburg, J.M., Hagey, T.J., Novotny, M.V., Soini, H.A., Theis, K.R., Van Laar, T.A., and J.W.G. Slade. 2023. Effects of short-term experimental manipulation of captive social environment on uropygial gland microbiome and preen oil volatile composition. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 10:1027399. PDF

Junco in Jncos artwork from https://twitter.com/ThornwolfArt/status/1248319300487667713